About the Writer…

As a travel writer and copyeditor, I am continually exploring the world and finding ways to bring what I experience to others. Language is one of the golden keys to communication. A key to understanding, learning, teaching and sharing that knowledge with others. With words I explain, explore and tempt others to travel to new places and experience those spaces with fresh eyes and minds. The world, and what lies beyond, is a still an enormous and uncharted mystery to be explored by all. Even in our futuristic and technologically connected society, there are still many of us who have never experienced first-hand, what a joy it is to sink your toes deep into sand at a beach in South Texas or to race down the slopes, at adrenaline pumping speeds, in the mountains of Colorado. It is my desire, as a travel writer, to make you want, to make you need that experience for your own!


BA in Business Administration

Professional Affiliations:

Member of NAIWE (National Association of Independent Writers and Editors)

Member of the Freelance Writer’s Den

Travel writer for Unanchor.com

Lifestyle/Travel writer for Scripted.com